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in home family therapy


Helping those with ADHD

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD and find yourself looking for more support? Do you have a child diagnosed with ADHD and parenting this kid is a bit challenging at times? Do you have struggles that appear to be in line with ADHD and you haven't been diagnosed, but you would really like support in that area? 

I LOVE working with individuals and families where ADHD is present. I was diagnosed with ADHD myself as an adult and it was both a relief and also a new challenge as where to find the support I needed to thrive. I now help others with ADHD or ADHD-like struggles reach their goals, learn new tricks, tips and techniques and learn how to navigate their relationships as well. 

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about the services I offer. Free phone or Zoom consultations are available.

in home family therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is one of my most favorite types of therapy to provide as it often produces the most change and the most relief in the shortest amount of time. Family therapy can consist of 2 family members or a whole room full of people.  


My goal is to help you experience change as quickly as possible and reduce frequency of sessions as soon as possible. We will work as a family system to change patterns and increase satisfaction in relationships and reduce conflict.

Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy to adults to assist in learning how to manage ADHD, resolve trauma, and heal from depression and anxiety

When working with children and teens, I will meet with them individually, but I also incorporate parents into the process. 

Group Therapy

Hot Mess MAMAS!!!

Moms with ADHD Group Therapy

When: Currently on hold

Where: This group will be held virtually, on Zoom.

Cost: $40/session

*Limit of 6 participants

This is our second session of Hot Mess Mamas. The first session was so much fun and very validating. This second session will be about how to create accountability for ourselves so we can achieve our goals, how to use different techniques and technology to our benefit and how ADHD affects our relationships. We will also have other topics chosen by the group. 

I am asking for a 4 month commitment to this group. 

Therapists with ADHD

When: This Group will be offered again in Fall 2022.

Where: this group will be held virtually, on Zoom.

Cost: $25/session

*I am asking for a 4 month commitment for this group. I find that when people commit to this and attend regularly it helps everyone much, much more than a loosey-goosey format. Also, those of us with ADHD do best with some outside accountability, so here ya go!

Some of the topics discussed in this group include, but are not limited to: Helping others and helping ourselves, making the most of our superpowers, how to maximize our resources when certain tasks are a struggle, Paperwork is painful, and finding humor ( a.k.a. ditching shame), self-care, and more!

Hot Mess Mamas infographic.png
Therapists with ADHD Group Tuesdays 1-2pm (Begin Oct. 2021) Virtual Therapy Group www.jenn

Parenting Groups

Flexible Families are Savvy - Teen Edition

If you are a parent of a teen, this group is for YOU! I always say that “Flexible Families are Healthy Families” and in this group we will be learning how to be more flexible in responding to our kiddos We will discuss topics like: chores, hygiene, respect...or lack thereof, screen time, the s#!t show that is social media, improving your relationship with your teen, using humor to heal, etc. Think of this as ECFE for parents who have teens!


The structure of the sessions will be about 20 minutes of education and then an hour to ask questions, ask for advice, and receive support from the group about whatever situation you are dealing with. Teens are tricky and parenting them is no joke! Here is a place to come learn how to make it a little less difficult and connect with others who are also traversing this rough terrain.


When: This class is currently on hold.

Where: Sessions will be held virtually.

Price: $150 total per household (3 reduced fee slots available)

Maximum of 15 families total

All types of families are welcome!

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